Toast has grown at an exceptional pace over the last 6 years and just had a stellar IPO. It has a strong core revenue flywheel but needs to find a path to profitability to justify current valuation.
Warby Parker is a carefully crafted brand and a pioneer in the DTC market. However, it is yet to prove its ability to grow profitably in a slow-growth …
A deep dive into the monetization challenges of Reddit and the road to profitability it can take by embedding commerce in culture.
How can Twitter win in the longform content? By killing its darling!Listen now (7 min) | Exploring Twitter's route to power in the newsletter space
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Amazon marketplace, commoditizing the complement and road to persistent differential returnsListen now (6 min) | A bytecast lesson in strategy
Network effects, single-player mode and the hook. How early stage companies can create awesome single player modes in their apps to acquire new users before networks effects kick in.
Power of scale economies, creator economy myopia, velvet ropes and Clubhouse. A Lesson in StrategyListen now (4 min) | Bytecast - Strategy lessons in 5 mins or less!
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